Our brand name means "how are you?" in isiZulu when addressing more than one person. We love the name as it's true to our African roots and represents a way in which South Africans and visitors alike can engage with one another and get the conversation flowing.

Why do we do what we do?

The founder, Margaret, has an unrelenting passion to not only create language parity in South Africa, but keeping it local by supporting local businesses, printing locally and partnering with local artists alike, thus contributing to South Africa's socio-economic development and prosperity, whilst aiming to find environmentally friendly ways to get our product on the shelves. After all, local is lekker!

What problem do we solve?

75% of South Africans - 42 million people - don't have access to products that enable them to celebrate special moments in a language other than Afrikaans or English. Ninjani solves this problem by designing and selling products that celebrate our beautiful rainbow nation in all 11 national languages, as well as the common South African "slang" that makes us unique.

Are you a local artist? Get in touch!

If you are an artist or poet and you'd like to show Ninjani your talents, please get in touch!